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Wild Nights

Wild Nights by Emily Dickinson

Emily Dickinson was a very interestion poet. I did my project on one of her poems called “Wild Nights.”


The call of the wild

This Bird was pretty fascinating! The way it could imitate basically any sound that he has heard before! People became so intriged by the bird because as everything was developing the bird would learn new sounds. I wish mom would let me get a cool bird like that :(.. This video really brought out an appreciation for all animals and what they can do.

Looks can be deceiving

Most girls will strive to have a “perfect” body, or face.  What most people don’t know is all the women on TV or in magazines are about completely made up to be “perfect”!  Women need to realize beauty is a broad term.  It’s not just how you look on the outside, but things like your attitude play a great role as well.  Men might like to look at the women in magazines but they appreciate real beauty when they see it as well. About 95% of all women are unhappy with the way they look.  They want blonde hair instead of brown, or blue eyes instead of green, or a big one is weight.  Ladies you need to realize that you are pretty and the best way to show it is confidence! Keep your head up and strut your stuff 🙂

Real or Fake?

 When you think of a witch you think of an evil, ugly, broom flying creature.  Things are different from the Puritans because those were real people getting convicted because others didn’t like them.  All in all witch craft is the same.  People trying to cast evil spells on one another.

Lie your Way to Safety

I couldn’t imagine being apart of Salem during the Salem witch trials.  Little children didn’t like you so they could just go to the court and convicted you as a witch.  People who wanted your land could convict you as a witch, then take your land for almost nothing.  This was a time of greed, jealousy, and hatred towards others.  The worse thing about it is that most of the convicted people who would confess to being a witch (like me) wouldn’t even get killed for what they “did” as a so-called witch.  For the people convicted for being a witch that would not confess (because they thought the truth would set them free) would get sentenced to death like nothing.  The world can be an evil place when you have people who focus of tearing people down and making them look better.  Watch your back… you don’t know who’s out to getch ya!! 😛

Sort by Race

Who would know that the way people look could be so misleading? Only sorting 12 out of  20 people correctly into their correct category made me realize appearance isn’t everything. You can’t judge people on their race just by glancing at them. I tried shorting people by the color in their face, how they grew their facial hair, sometimes just the shape or look in their eyes. Everyone is different and race or ethnicity shouldnt matter. It shouldnt make people feel obligated to make fun of people who might look a little “different.” Everyone should take the chance to get to know someone first, you might be surprised that they aren’t the person you would have expected them to be.

Blah Blah Blog!

Hey guys…

I am a first time blogger so please bear with me.  I’m not sure how I feel about using a blog but im sure as time goes on I’ll get more comfortable with it.


Peace brahh!